About Us

Associated Aircraft Supply Company wants its suppliers and customers to get to know our company better. We start with a brief overview, detail the industries that we serve, note the guiding philosophy, a brief review of our 70 plus years of history, our quality focus, personalized service, company leadership, the latest news, your feedback and finish with Our Commitment to you as our customer. We look forward to giving you a window into Associated Aircraft Supply and learning more about you as our customer.



Associated Aircraft Supply

Specializes in stocking and value-added distributor of electromechanical products serving the military and commercial aviation industry for over 60 years. Associated specializes in having a ready inventory of mil-spec and commercial grade switches, relays, circuit breakers, control grips, sensors, lamps, connectors, leak detection, illuminated indicators, thermostats, terminal blocks and lavatory, galley and seat spares.