Associated Aircraft Supply Company is a specialized stocking and value-added distributor of electromechanical products serving the military, general and commercial aviation industries since 1953. Associated Aircraft Supply specializes in mil-spec and commercial grade switches, relays, circuit breakers, control grips, sensors, lamps, connectors, leak detection, illuminated indicators, thermostats, terminal blocks, wire, wire marking, engraving services, lavatory, galley and seat spares.


Quality Products

Associated Aircraft Supply prides itself on its commitment to quality products and service. The company has a long history with a wide variety of well respected manufacturers and other parts suppliers who provide quality electro mechanical products. Associated Aircraft Supply is committed to the highest quality standards in the aviation and aerospace industries conforming to the ISO 9001:2008 andEN/JISQ/AS9100:2004 management systems standards assuring our customers that we provide the highest quality.